Bibliotekarien was born into the world of Libraries. He was nursed in the lecture halls of the Library School in Borås in the late seventies, As he grew up, he was slowly but surly getting acquainted to the trade  by his mother, aunt and uncle who were all librarians at public libraries..

His first library system he built as a 17 year old. It was a MS Access application for a technical consultant firm wanting to keep track of litterature, government regulations and standards. It became a pretty crappy system, but a good experience.

After studying Systems engineering and approaching the end of the progam, the IT Industry in Sweden crashed for the second time. Bibliotekarien, realising he could finance another two years of studies thought that Library school might be a good idea instead of spending the future months or years applying for jobs requiring 5+ years of experience in technologies that were far younger than that.

Bibliotekarien spent two years in Borås. He was lucky to get a job as a student worker at the University library, and got a thourogh education in Shelving, Interlirary loans, circ desk duties and much more.

The same day as he was to defend his - cooperatively written - "thesis" on the topic of the AWS Recommendation engine - he had is first job interview for the role of Systems librarian at a public library on the west coast of Sweden. This double booking of events made the teacher keep the defence at 8am in the morning allowing Bibliotekarien to attend his interview. Despite the grumpy mood of his fellow class mates the defence went well and the interview rendered Bibliotekarien his first full-time employment.

The two years as a systems librarian in a public library contained all the aspects a systems librarian could ask for and more. Public computers, web development, systems configuration and mainanence, information desk duties, collaborations with other cities and parts of the city.

The longing for the east coast and the capital grew, and Bibliotekarien landed a job at the library of the Swedish parliament as a developer and systems librarian. Here, he got to know the world of the Special libraries. He managed search engines, news monitoring, electronic resources, the ILS, and more for the parilament.

After two exciting years in the "corridors of power", Bibliotekarien started working for the local university library. A large institution, but relatively young and very modern. Here he learnd the trade of Electronic resource management, and how limited the current systems were. He developed SOLR-based OPACs, implemented CMS:s and resource access systems, supporting the staff in fulfilling page requests and interlibrary loans. He got to manage the development team and had a seat at the management team's table.