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License display in Discovery fed from FOLIO

Many years ago, when I worked at Sockholm University Library, I worked on surfacing license information from Verde on the results display in the Bento-box style OPAC/Discovery we built at the time: SUB%20licence%20display

I belive this was successfull in many ways, and certainly a proof of the usefulness of the APIs inovled (EDS; SOLR; SFX; Verde). I recently got asked what FOLIO can do in this area, and for the projects I have been involved in there have been two solutions. The first solution is provided by Chalmers Institute of Technology and is a third-party application that links out from EDS into a interface that presents the necessarry information in a very clean way: Chalmers%20license%20display

The other way is the integration of the same kind of information in EBSCOs Publication Finder interface, depicted below: license_terms_pub_finder

Booth these FOLIO approaches require a lookup in order to get the correct identifier that is required by the FOLIO license API.